martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Morning Rituals

It was a day like many others. Karen looked at herself in the mirror -a dark brown one matching the cupboard on her right- and wondered what mirrors were meant for. Obviously you can explore the wrinkles in your face, in fact, anybody can do that, but what about the thoughts hiding behind? Mirrors were something to look at yourself in, but just the outside part, deep inside behind those wrinkles would be quite different.

That mirror had witnessed changes in her through the years, had witnessed those external changes which, little by little, had made her become the person she was that day. She thought of the people around her, her friends and relatives, and their own changes, they were all walking together along the path of time.

Inner changes had also taken place but she didn't know to what extent she was conscious of them. Could thoughts and feelings be discerned from the way a person looked? It didn´t really matter. That brought the thought of Carol to her mind. As they were walking together just a few days before she said that women tend to feel better with themselves with the passing of the years. Could be.

She turned round to look at her hair using the mirror hanging on the bathroom door and checked that it was completely dry. She was ready.

Once she had taken the stuff she would need that morning she locked the front door. When she was in the car she felt the warmth of a sunny day and smiled when the music started to play; she wasn´t going far, in fact it would take just four of five songs to get there.

No puedo terminar sin dejar algunos deberes: cantar Acueirio con Raphael.

Si él puede, tú también. Pasad del texto de arriba pero no os perdáis la canción. Vale la pena.